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Why should I work for Capgemini? That’s the most common and perhaps also the most important question that candidates ask us during the recruitment process. A great balance between work and home life, firm focus on good health, and a strong and inclusive community spirit bringing together 300,000 colleagues from all across the globe – this is just some of what you get when you are part of Capgemini!

We are all unique individuals. Some of us are keen on sustainability projects while others like to work with the very latest cutting-edge technology. Capgemini’s size combined with our broad range allows us to offer a variety of projects that suit a wide spectrum of tastes and interests. What’s most important is that all employees should find their own unique path to an interesting and fulfilling career and future, with our company providing support throughout that journey.

What is happening at the moment?

This month we received the exciting news that Capgemini has been ranked Sweden's 7th best employer! This ranking comes from an internal survey by Universum. A real testament to what we share as beneficial at Capgemini, is true for our consultants and what they believe makes a great company. A big thanks to our consultants, they constitute the heart of Insights & Data and Capgemini as a whole!

Happy colleagues create a wonderful workplace – it’s something we strongly believe in!

That’s why we spare no effort to ensure that everyone thrives on the job and has fun at work. What is it that inspires that welcoming atmosphere when you log in from your home office or step into the entrance lobby at the office? The answer is community spirit, plain and simple.

We love to share knowledge amongst each other, and there is always someone to ask for help!

In Sweden, all colleagues within Insights & Data have the opportunity to be part of different areas of competence depending on where they have their area of expertise. Within these groups, you are invited to various activities where colleagues share everything from trends and technical expertise to lessons learned from projects.

A great balance between work and home life!

Everyone needs to adapt to the “new normal” as the outside world continues to turn and is in constant change. After receiving feedback from colleagues and customers, we now offer a Flexible Work Policy. This means that you can work where it suits you best, the arrangement is set in agreement with the immediate manager and adapted to needs, assignments and the customer's wishes.

With us, you will take part in big and small adventures, with the chance for endless development and career opportunities. With 20,000 Data, AI and Analytics experts across the globe, world-leading partners and clients, and a training library of over 250,000 (!) courses and certifications, the possibilities at Capgemini are truly endless.


We have a lot of exciting projects on the go and are always on the lookout for talented developers; IT architects and engineers; application, infrastructure and management consultants; and broad-based Cloud expertise.

More than just a job

Take part in projects that truly make a difference!

Whether we’re talking about flood prevention or making digital competence available to children irrespective of their background, we want to help wherever we can. And that’s not just empty talk! In 2021, business sustainability ratings specialist Ecovadis awarded us a top platinum rating for our sustainability work and we were also named one of the world’s most ethical companies.

Have fun at work!

It’s important to have fun at work and this is something on which we focus very strongly. Do you enjoy cosy breakfasts, relaxing yoga, physical training, after-work events, inspiring lunchtime webinars and/or niched forums for exchange of experiences and ideas? Here there are activities catering to every taste!

Get the benefit of your colleagues’ expertise!

In Sweden, all Insights & Data employees join various competence areas depending on their individual areas of expertise – Advisory, Visual Analytics, Data Science & AI, Data Governance and Data Engineering. These groups offer their members various activities where colleagues share technical expertise, news and learnings from projects.

Career at home or overseas!

No matter where you choose to work, you have considerable career potential. With 300,000 ambitious colleagues spread all across the globe, world-leading partners and clients, and an educational library offering more than 250,000 (!) courses and diploma programmes, the possibilities at Capgemini are genuinely endless.




female managers

experts within Data, AI & Analytics

experts who serve the Nordic market


of Sweden's largest companies are customers of ours

Available jobs


Flexible working conditions

Generous occupational pension via Max Mathisen

Art and sports clubs

Wellness care, massage allowances and computer glasses

Maternity/paternity benefits

Fun, inspirational employee events

Occupational health care and health insurance

Bonus programme

Additional benefits via Benify!

The Nordic leader in
Data, AI & Analytics

Capgemini Insights & Data is the Nordic region’s benchmark in Data, Analytics and AI. Our services include consulting in Data Platform, Analytics, Data Governance, Advisory, Data Science and CFO Office services. Many of the market’s renowned experts work with us, putting us in the best possible position to help our customers succeed in their journey towards data-driven decisions.

Having a total of more than 1000 employees serving the Nordic market gives us considerable capacity to really make a difference for our clients. We are the true market leader.

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