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"The best thing about working as a consultant is that I get to learn about different companies and their data and analytics solutions. I love the wide scope of my job; in a linear role it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of repetitive working methods.

The title ‘Data Engineer’ covers a broad remit, I come from Data Management and ETL. At my current customer I’m responsible for obtaining data and ensuring that everyone sees the data in exactly the same way. I’m really keen on developing, broadening my field of expertise, and building the best products possible. Capgemini’s customers are often large companies, companies with attitude; if you want to work with exciting tasks using cool solutions, Capgemini offers fantastic opportunities.

At Capgemini I also have access to many knowledgeable and pleasant colleagues with whom I enjoy hanging out and exchanging ideas, and there are a whole lot of training programmes. The company offers massive scope for personal and professional development, which is really important to me.” – Jacob, Data Engineer, Insights & Data, Stockholm